I am quite late in my new years nostalgia post this year, but for once I wasn’t sitting alone on my couch one new year’s eve, so I have a pretty good excuse for the delay… so without further ado:

2023 started as the last few years have, alone in my apartment, with a bottle of bubbles and an early bed time. I spent new year’s day taking myself on a little date to the city and reflecting on the year to come. I knew this year was going to be full of travel and excitement, but I had no idea just how much…

January was full of normalcy — miscellaneous jobs, running with andrea (final training month for our first road race together: a 10k in central park !) and cozy coffee shop days.

Before I knew it, it was February and I was going on a spontaneous first date that I didn’t think would go anywhere (my tipsy thoughts on my walk home that night of how I was sure she wasn’t into me and I’d never see her again couldn’t have been more wrong…) Andrea killed her first 10k and before long we were signing up for the NYRR 9+1, for automatic entry into the 2024 marathon. February was full of dating butterflies, makeshift at-home photoshoots, and a couple weeks of travel to visit Megan & Cass’s new home in the surprisingly snowy Portland… and then straight to a much warmer Phoenix to visit Mandi and Matt’s new home and to shoot some engagement photos. The first trips of the year were full of wonderful memories and I was hoping it was just the start of a year of exciting traveling.

Came back to nyc in March and jumped right back into shoots all over the city, until it was time to pack up and leave again. This time to Leanna and George’s wedding in Hawaii. The whole Zacher fam made it to Maui (megan even managing to surprise my mom), and when a few of the wedding guests couldn’t make it, the Arredondos invited the whole fam to the wedding and we all got to attend their beautiful day. It was so sweet going back to Maui ten years after our original spring break trip, and getting to celebrate Leanna and George was another perfect start to the year. Between a beautiful beachside wedding, multiple days sitting by the ocean, and a gorgeous road trip to Hana, I couldn’t have asked for a better trip.

I was welcomed back to nyc again in April with a visit from Sabrina and Jeff. Luckily my jetlag didn’t prevent us from making our way all over the city to bars, donut tours, late night slices, and rainy walks through soho (here’s to 2024 sab & jeff in nyc 🤞🏼). We were blessed with surprisingly warm weather for April, and I made my first bike trip out to the beach. Lots of friend dates for dinners and coffees and picnics made april so so sweet, the beginning of this year was feeling truly special.

May held my first official in studio shoot with a rental space that was only the beginning, a yankees game in the bleachers, a big shoot for soulcycle with vada, and lotsa dates with Sharon. Vada and Andrea and I made a memorial day weekend trip to my parent’s lake house for a few days of bliss, and thus began the chaos of summer…

We arrived back in new york in june and I started right back on the at-home shoots until it was time to pack up my bag again and head to Montreal for Mandi’s bachelorette. A weekend in Canada led straight into a few shoots back in the city (including a rockaway beach shoot in the wildfire smog…) and then I was leaving again, this time for Illinois to shoot Emily and Dan’s wedding. Between the smog and all the time spent at the airport, I picked up a cold that led me to completely lose my voice while shooting the wedding, but it was beautiful and joy-filled nonetheless. It was so magical to shoot the wedding of a dear friend I met when I was only 5 years old. Found my way back to the city again to celebrate a lowkey birthday: fresh hair color with my girl becca, lunch with russell, and drinks with andrea, vada, and jourdon. I was right back on set the next day (the grind don’t stop), and a couple days later, Andrea and I were back on our race bullshit with another 10k, this time in Queens. Finished up the month modeling for some olive oil, seeing billie marten in concert again, running the pride run in CP, and officially beginning a relationship with Sharon :)

July started back at the lake, this time with Megan and Cass and Aunt Lisa and Uncle Eric, celebrating the 4th of July swimming and boating and eating hot dogs, just as our founding fathers intended. I will never get sick of my parents beautiful house and the peaceful energy that’s there. It’s such a welcome respite from the chaos, especially after the busyness of june. When I got back from the seventh trip of the year, Andrea and Vada and I had found ourselves a new apartment to move into, which began the chaotic task of moving in nyc. A couple more races were run, more dates were had, and before I knew it I was off to trip number eight, this time with Sharon to CDMX. I may not have done a good job avoiding the water and fresh fruit, or the summer bout of covid, as we both ended up sick and the second half of our trip was spent bed ridden at the hotel. Either way, we made the most of it and still managed to see so much of the city and my long distance girly Yve :)

August was a bit of a break from traveling, luckily, as the packing and move had begun. We made our way into a new space and excitedly enjoyed our two private outdoor areas and multiple floors (a huge luxury in new york). In between jobs, runs, and naps, I met some new friends of Sharon’s from Amsterdam and we wandered brooklyn in the august heat with Vera and Selle, planting seeds for a visit to the netherlands for new years…

September began with a coveted visit from my fav sister. We took the most magical trip upstate for her bachelorette and enjoyed peaceful moments on the river, hikes in the mountains, farmers markets, bonfires, and tubing. It was such a perfect entry into fall — and we were having so much fun, megan decided to extend her trip and hang out with me in nyc for a bit longer. We walked, and shopped, and puzzled, and cooked, and played games, and tried to ignore the suddenly hot and humid weather, and I daydreamed about what it would be like to live in the same city as my favorite person. The month ended with a big birthday/house warming celebration at our apartment for Andrea’s birthday, and then it was back to traveling again.

I brought Sharon with me back to the lake to meet my parents, and once again bask in the peace and quiet. Upon returning to the city I found a potential new studio share, and decided to commit to this new step in my professional journey. Sharon, Vera, and Selle and I took a trip upstate to bask in the fall foliage and rest by a wood burning fireplace… and then I was packing my bag again. The end of the month was spent in Portland again, celebrating Megan and Cass’s wedding. It was such a beautiful weekend filled with love and precious moments I will remember forever <3

November began with a stunning Eloise concert and a significant second to last race (that marked one year out from the marathon). Sab and Jeff were back in town for a couple of days, before I left the city once again. I made it back to Phoenix for Mandi and Matt’s wedding, and I had the pleasure of visiting with Leanna and George as well. The last wedding of the year was a gorgeous desert affair, and I was filled with so much joy for another couple’s special day. The following couple of weeks were spent working and trying to rest before packing my bags for Thanksgiving at the lake. I filled my belly with delicious home cooked meals and took naps every day.

December came and went in the blink of an eye. Christmas tree shopping, the final race of the 9+1, Sharon’s birthday trip upstate, followed by a party in brooklyn, the last few shoots of the year, a peaceful christmas spent at home, and another wedding announcement from Luisa and Fran :’). The final trip of the year was the new year’s trip to Amsterdam, where we spent nine days wandering around the netherlands, eating, shopping, dancing, meeting with friends, sitting in saunas, and having an overall marvelous time. We only got back a couple days ago, and we’re already planning the next trip abroad with the whole crew.

16 trips later, 2023 has ended and I am sufficiently exhausted, fulfilled, and ready to go again. I can’t wait for all the new memories and growth to be made. I’m so happy with where this past year has taken me, and grateful for the wonderful relationships I have all over the world <3

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