back in nyc

hi hello here I am writing another blog post for no one to read !

This week is my first full week back in nyc since leaving in April, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I was gone for 5 months. Everything is different, and not just because of the pandemic. I made the move from Manhattan to Brooklyn, to live in Bed-Stuy with friends from college. Living in a new borough is exciting and new, but it makes for an even bigger adjustment. Then throw into the mix that I officially left my full-time job to pursue freelancing, and you have a complete change of pace from any other variation of life I’ve been living in 2020. 

Having complete control over my day-to-day schedule is wildly freeing and mildly stressful. If I want to lay in bed and eat four bags of microwave popcorn and rewatch episodes of Scandal until my eyes are burning, I could do that! However, the only one that will pay for that later, is me. 
In the first few days, I have found ways to work in the “self-help” routines I’ve always wished I had time for, and spent a lot of time trying to be as productive as possible. I recently started a Bullet Journal to keep myself organized and on task, but the current lack of work/events/social life has it looking a little empty… hopefully that will change soon. I’ve been making a slow and steady effort to wake up earlier and earlier, and correct my disastrous quarantine sleep schedule, despite having no specific reason to be awake. And I’m finding ways to get my name out there in as many ways as possible while I teach myself the in’s and out’s of working for yourself that I somehow didn’t learn in college. 

Things are ever evolving, and I’m still struggling with feeling like I should be doing more, or should be further along, or I’m not going to be successful, but I’m doing what I can to remind myself that it will take time, and this is all a part of the plan.
I’m so excited to see where this next chapter leads me, and how I can work to achieve the plans/dreams I came to nyc to fulfill. 

Here goes nothin…

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