Final Fall Quarter

To my surprise, this blog receives one avid reader (my apparently-devoted sister, who informed me that it had been far too long since I had updated said blog). 

So here we are. The end of the beginning of my final year of school, and boy was it a whirlwind. I feel like I shot more consistently this quarter than any other quarter at SCAD, and for once, I’m content with the results. The quarter began pretty slowly — I produced my first successful video montage, titled “Stronger” ,

and the first set of photos for my commercial lighting class which were photographic recreations of tear sheets from a food magazine:

This was a pretty slow start to the first four weeks of the quarter, the last 5 were much more eventful.

One night, at around 11:00pm, I had the idea that became the concept for my final video project and the 18 photo series for Studio Lighting. I contacted six of the most wonderful girls I know, and luckily they all agreed to be a part of my project.

Over the course of the next four weeks, I set up six studio shoots, six individual location shoots, a group shot, and six video/interview shoots, to produce the final set. It was a blast hauling around a lighting kit (with stands, soft boxes, etc), a B1 strobe kit, my camera bag, and another bag with miscellaneous other items all over the city of Savannah. I couldn’t be more thankful to the girls who put up with my crazy, occasionally completely lost, exhausted self and set aside time to help me to create this work. 

I hope that this is only the beginning of this project, and eventually I’ll be able to expand to and even broader range of women.

This quarter helped me to grow and learn and hopefully get one step close to the reality of my future that is fast approaching… 

2018 here we come.

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