July 16, 2017

This weekend I traveled north to Washington D.C. to visit my sister (Megan) and her girlfriend (Cassady). I was looking forward to taking some time away from the south, exploring a new city, and spending some long awaited time with my sister. 

After arriving on Thursday, catching up over happy hour drinks and pizza and heading home to pass out, I woke up on Friday for my solo adventure while everyone was at work. I started at District Doughnut where I tried a delicious Fluffernutter donut (featured below, 10/10 would recommend). From there I found my way to the Hirshhorn Gallery and National Gallery of Art to wander around a of a couple new art museums until I needed to rest my feet.

From there, I met up with my sister for a “lunch break” where we made the sweaty trek to Krispy Kreme for 80 cent dozen donuts, and then another sweaty trek back to her office (but not before a quick stop at Le Diplomate for a Bastille Day, Strawberry Blueberry Cream Cheese ice cream cone). After cooling off, I headed to my final museum of the day: the Renwick Gallery, where I waited out an afternoon rainstorm, and then made my way to the final donut stop of the day at Astro Donuts. 

Saturday began with a wonderful pancake breakfast and revolved mostly around laying on the couch. Since my mom’s flight got cancelled, so did our plans for biking around the city and seeing the monuments. However, the change of plans wasn’t too upsetting and having a day to do nothing was a lovely and very relaxing. Around 5:00 we finally decided to get dressed and head to Georgetown for some shopping, tacos, cupcakes, and a walk along the river. 

Sunday was my last day in DC, after sleeping in, we walked to Ted’s Bulletin for brunch (which included a giant cinnamon roll and waaay too much food). From there we walked around the Eastern Market, Megan and Cassady picked up some produce and flowers, and we made a sweaty walk back to their apartment. My flight ended up being delayed for 4 hours, so after waiting around for a while, I made my way back to the airport and finally got back to Charleston around 10:00… 

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