July 20, 2016

Recently, I’ve been trying to appreciate the beauty of Savannah more, so every Wednesday, after I get off work, I go for a run. I take a different route every time, down different streets, through different parks, trying my best to keep my eyes off of the ground, and towards the trees and beautiful architecture (while trying to avoid tripping on the cobblestone).

Tonight, when I got home from work, I knew I wanted to take a picture before it got dark, so I rushed outside with my camera and took some cliche pictures of myself jogging down the sidewalk just to get something in my camera… I knew I didn’t love  the pictures, but it was just another thing I could check off my list.

However, when I came home, dripping with sweat (thanks to the Savannah humidity) I went to start chugging water as quickly as possible, and ended up going too hard too fast, almost choking, and spitting a mouth full of water all over my kitchen… Believe it or not, this inspired me to take more pictures.

I ended up taking this shot, which was actually a test shot that I liked better than the original idea I had. Its an homage to my hard work, no matter what form it comes in… in this case it’s sweat… lovely huh?

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