November 11, 2016

Going into our final week here in Lacoste, I was much less stressed than many of my colleagues. This past weekend I finished essentially all of my work, and had gotten a full night’s sleep every night (unlike many). Monday involved a few final critiques, and some rest due to my newly formed cold… Tuesday included final art history presentations, printing some pictures for myself (not for class), and helping out my roommate with her final prints. Wednesday was a rough day for many here at the SCAD Lacoste campus. My first class at 9:00am began with a lot of silent tears and everyone trying to hold it together as we tried to push through framing our work and anything else we had left to do for open studio. I had little to do to keep my mind off of everything going on, but I managed to sit down with one of the coordinators here to talk about so many different things… frustrations, confusions, things that seem so wrong but no one has any idea how to fix… While we didn’t really come to any conclusions or solutions, having someone here to talk to was really helpful. Thursday we picked ourselves up, started hanging work for the show, and got ready for the (hopefully) hundreds of people to arrive in Lacoste for the Open Studio Exhibition.

Today my parents arrive and it is the third to last day I will spend here in this quaint village on the hill… I will miss it greatly, but my time here has been the most wonderful learning experience. So here’s to a kick ass exhibition and a wonderful trip to Italy before heading home.

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