November 3, 2016

It’s already the second to last Thursday, and it’s just hitting me that at this time next week my parents will be on their way to Lacoste, Open Studio will be set up and about to begin, and classes will be over.

It’s really unbelievable that we only have one week left here… although I still can’t decide if the first week of classes feels like ages ago or if it just happened yesterday…

This week has been pretty lowkey - Monday was a work day in photo and printmaking and that night I participated in the interdisciplinary critique and thankfully my work was received very well :) Tuesday I had the day off from classes due to All Saints Day, and after a long workout and run through the valley in the morning/afternoon, I ended up spending the remainder of the day relaxing in my room, sporadically working on journal entries… Wednesday morning we went to the Cedar Forest for photo and saw the most breathtaking views… (I was happy to come back with people who actually knew where they were going, and driving up instead of hiking for two hours was much more laid back)

Today is Thursday and it has been another pretty chill day, slow morning, and eventually on a short hike/field trip to the Abbaye Saint Hilaire, and then back for a quick workout, and now here we are..!

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