October 23, 2016

feat. Avignon

We started out the day at the Palais des Papes, which is a giant medieval structure where the popes lived… Very beautiful, but honestly not overally exciting…

We then walked down the main street of Avignon, stopping in a few stores along the way until we made it to the contemporary art museum: “La Collection Lambert”. This was definitely one of my favorite museums ever, between the intriguing art work, the wonderful layout, and the beautiful mix of natural and artificial light, it was a treat to spend three hours walking around here…

After the museum, we actually ended up having a lot less time than expected, so we made our way back to the meeting point, stopped at a café on the way for crêpes and coffee, and then hopped on the bus back to Lacoste!

Saturday was a hardcore homework day… I spent between 12:00 and 9:00 in the library (minus dinner time). As was Sunday, but luckily it was spent standing, in the print shop, messing around with ink, and making prints.

Ready for the last three weeks of classes…. maybe

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