October 3, 2016

Posts every three days is pretty reasonable right….?

I’m tryin… 


(oh boy this is going to be fun - I am very tired and getting sick)

Saturday I was planning to sleep in, but awoke to Rachael calling me to go to the market with her and Steph. So I got up and got ready in 20 minutes, and we took the bus to Apt. We shared a warm baguette and walked around in the rain, stopping in a few stores and following Steph around as she took pictures for her photo project. Eventually we headed back to Lacoste, had brunch, and watched a documentary while we worked on some homework. There was a mandatory photo field trip to a local photo exhibition in Apt, so after getting ready to go, we drove back to Apt to look at studio shots of horses, walk through the rain, and almost miss dinner.

Sunday I decided to sleep in and catch up on some rest. Eventually I went down to breakfast, and left from there to go on a walk… Somehow my “walk” turned into a 10k hike up a mountain to the Cedar Forest on top of Le Petit Luberon… 3 hours later I returned with muddy shoes and a stupidly hilarious snapchat story of my experience (I hiked through the fog/clouds, found a random dog with a bell around its neck that led me along the trail before abandoning me, french hikers tried to communicate with me, I almost got lost/had no idea where I was going, started hiking down the other side of the mountain, then decided I should probably turn around, peed in the forest, and finally made it back to civilization..!) All in all it was quite an adventure. After that I had to actually get started on homework, but not before baking cookies with Steph, because cloudy/rainy weather and homework always goes better with a warm batch of cookies… After dinner I spent some time in the printmaking studio, and then in the photo lab printing photos until I couldn’t keep my eyes open and headed home to pass out.

Which brings me to today…! What a day today was. It began with photo, where we got a tour of Lacoste and learned about its history and lots of interesting facts from a man with a strong french accent. Then we headed back to the classroom for our first critique. After photo I went straight to the printmaking studio to work on my first round of prints. Then I ran down to lunch before the café closed for the afternoon. Back up to the studio for round two of printing, before class. Then three hour printmaking class, followed by another run down to the café for dinner, back up to the studio to finish and clean up, then ran over to the library for a group meeting for our art history presentation, and then home to process how I could spend the entire day in the printmaking studio and still have an entirely new plate/print due in two days…… awesome.

Very exhausted, not feeling spectacular, but also I’ve been waiting for the day I caught this sickness that has been going around here since the first week… A lot to get done before we head to Paris next week so on to the next day…!

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