October 30, 2016

Hi hello it’s been a week…

Things are starting to wrap up here in Lacoste, and in SCAD terms, that means everything is starting to get really hectic. Between our last all-campus field trip, Halloween this weekend, final projects, and open studio in less than two weeks, everyone has been super busy and trying to get everything together…

Monday through Thursday consisted of classes, homework, field trips, presentations, and the occasional nap… Friday was out last all campus field trip to Marseille, where we visited MuCEM (Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations), walked through the alleys filled with street art and around the harbor, ate ice cream on our way to the Abbey of Saint Victor and the crypts beneath it, and then spent some time on the beach, relaxing and dipping our toes in the Mediterranean Sea :)

Saturday was the Halloween celebration here in Lacoste! About 400 people from surrounding towns and villages came to check out our “haunted houses”, pumpkin carving, and face painting. The city was super busy and it was fun to see all of the SCAD kids dressed up… (Some friends and I dressed up as the Spice Girls)

Today is another work day and prep for the second to last week of classes… Time is flying and before you know it my parents will be here (!!!) and we’ll be on our way to Italy :) 

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