October 7, 2016

We back

This week was pretty busy… After a very busy Monday, I spent Tuesday working on art history homework and printmaking prep in the morning. The presented our first presentation in art history, and went straight down to the print shop to carve a new plate before dinner, a birthday call to my mom, and up to this week’s professor presentation…!

Wednesday was full of field trips - morning trip to Roussillon for photo, lunch, printing in the print shop, quick nap, and then field trip to Fontaine de Vaucluse again in the late afternoon, home for dinner, and a Paris orientation meeting (we leave on Monday morning !!) and then back home to pass out… (getting sick this week has not made things any easier)

Thursday was my day off and also the day I felt the most sick… I got up for breakfast at 8:00, but promptly returned to bed and slept until 1:30… After that the day was kind of a blur… I ended up finishing an essay for art history, but that’s about all that got done on Thursday… #strugglebus

Today was another Field Trip Friday - so we headed to Arles at 9:00 and got there around 10:30. Our first stop was at the church of Saint Tromphine and the cloisters. Then we had lunch on the Rhône river and coffee in the café that inspired “Terrasse de Cafe la Nuit” by Van Gogh. Then we checked out the Roman bath ruins, Musée Réattu, and Musée Départemental Arles Antique before heading back to Lacoste.

I can’t believe we already headed to Paris next week… I have a lot to do before we leave…

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