Post-Grad Update

Alright y’all … she’s back.

It’s been a minute since I’ve actually written an update on this here “blog”. Especially since the last time I posted an update I was harassed about my writing style… but I’m not about to give up that easily ! 
So here I go, writing poorly-edited paragraphs about the ongoings on my life, and posting them into the abyss of the internet, where no one will read them, besides maybe my mom !

I graduated from college (SCAD) at the beginning of June, packed up all my belongings, and after a few days on Tybee with my family, drove back to Geneva, IL with my parents. Going home was a nice break from the chaos of finals, last minute shoots, college drama, graduation stress, etc., but I was determined to not make it permanent. I spent a week applying for jobs, reaching out to any and all possible job leads and photographers that I’d spoken to in the past, and attempting to reset my jacked-up sleep schedule (still working on that one). After the first week, I contracted a sickness from my parents, and things kind of settled down as I spent most of the day sleeping, coughing, or blowing my nose.

Somehow, my lack of activity led to an actual job opportunity !!
I heard back from a company in NYC offering to set up an interview, unfortunately they wouldn’t take skype/phone interviews and required that I be there in person. So I decided that after a trip to upstate New York for my cousin’s graduation, I would extend the trip and head to the city for this interview.

Which brings up to today: four days into this trip, two interviews in, a couple meetings down, and waiting to hear back to see if I need to book that plane ticket home yet or not…
It’s wild not knowing if I’ll need to start looking for places to live or if I’ll be headed home to continue looking for jobs, but I’m surprisingly okay with the uncertainty.

I received some really great advice a few months ago:
People who are most successful are those who can deal with uncertainty with grace, those who find comfort in discomfort, and “allow discomfort to be the air they breathe”.
I found that so comforting. It speaks to the idea that no one ever has everything figured out. There is always something that is unknown or unsettling or confusing, and if you can process those things and avoiding letting them take control of your mentality/life, you will be better off. 
That’s how I feel about my current situation… I’m here in New York, not sure what my next steps will be, with no idea what the next few months of my life will look like, or even the next few days (!!) but I’m calm. I’m happy. I’m willing to work through the uncertainty and find peace in the unknowns.
It’s exciting to not know, and I have this strange blind-faith that things will work out. As my wise older sister once said to me: “something will happen and it will be fine” 

Now if you made it this far, I hope you’ll enjoy some photos from the last roll of 35mm that I shot in sav…

Stay tuned for whatever happens in the next few weeks …!

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