September 18, 2016

The second full day here in France started again with a fairly early morning, wandering around the village, taking pictures, journaling, and admiring the beauty of the morning on one of the many balconies.

After brunch, a group of girls were headed to Bonnieux (the village on the hill opposite Lacoste) and invited me to come alone with them. The hike over there took several twists and turns and didn’t seem as easy as the “straight shot path across” that we had heard, but we enjoyed trying the local produce in all of the fields we walked through (figs, grapes, etc.) and didn’t mind the long trek across the valley despite our blistered feet and tired legs.

Because it was Sunday, and the tourist season was dying down, Bonnieux wasn’t exactly hoppin’ so we just hiked all the way up to the church at the top of the hill, and had cappuccinos and galettes before heading back to Lacoste for a meet-and-greet-make-your-own-crepes party. Today ended with a workout in the garden, a hike to the semi-off-limits quarry, dinner, and some reading before the first day of classes tomorrow… 

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