September 20, 2016

Classes have begun!

Monday I woke up early and had a sunrise workout with my friend Rachael, ate a quick breakfast, showered, and went to Travel Photography. After that I ate lunch, took a quick nap, worked on some homework, went to Printmaking, then dinner, and a movie night with Lizzie McGuire and the girls :)

It was a busy day, so I didn’t end up shooting anything, however, I had a little bit more free time today (Tuesday), so despite my alarm not going off and missing breakfast, today was a successful day as well.

Tuesdays are market days here in Lacoste, so I walked down to the “town square” (aka the parking lot outside the post office) and found something to eat for breakfast…

Naturally, I decided I needed to try some authentic French macaroons, so I struggled my way through speaking french to the vendor, bought four macaroons (lavender, coffee, chocolate, and creme brûlée - so delicious), took them up to a terrace near the top of the village and ate them while doing some work for class. It wasn’t exactly the morning I had planned, but it was absolutely lovely nonetheless.

Eventually it was lunch time, so I wandered down to the cafe, ate lunch and then found my way to le Masion Forte for “Treasures of Provence” (an art history elective). A three hour long lecture about the South of France is not my idea of the most exciting class, but luckily most of the classes are replaced with trips to villages/towns near by, where out only assignments are to journal and sketch about the things we learn… It could definitely be much worse.

Wrapped up today with Spencer and Rachael, doing a workout in the tiny SCAD Lacoste “fitness center”, taking a nice walk down to Maison Basse to dip our feet in the pool, picking (and eating) some fresh grapes off the vine, and walk back up the hill for dinner.

I’ve barely been here five days, but it feels like so much longer because there is always something to be doing or seeing. My eyes never stop taking in all of the beauty and excitement here, and I get excited falling asleep to wake up the next day and explore more of what there is to offer here. I can’t wait to learn and grow as an artist and find my way through the next seven and a half weeks here… I almost never want it to end.

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