September 30, 2016

I can’t believe tomorrow is October 1st… 
September always seems to fly by.

Nonetheless, here we are again, with your three day catch up

Wednesday was another busy day - photo in the morning, where we spent the entire class discussing our project ideas (which luckily I have an actual idea for and I feel excited to see how it all comes together..!). The afternoon was filled with laundry, linen exchange, lunch, and work that turned into brainstorming/planning for Paris (still shocked we only have a little over a week before we leave for Paris, but I can’t wait). Followed by a field trip to Goult for printmaking, where we sketched on engraving plastic plates and I wandered around the little town on my own taking pictures until my SD card was full… (I have also developed a severe obsession with the windows/shutters here and have taken far too many pictures like the fourth picture below…) 

Thursday was a weird day for what seems like everyone here in Lacoste…
Because I don’t have class on Thursdays, I spent the majority of the morning in the library doing work and feeling nostalgic. Eventually I made my way to lunch, and then home to accidentally take a three hour nap….. oops. I woke myself up to go do a quick workout with Rachael before my group meeting for art history, then head to dinner, shower, and watch a movie with the crew before bed.

Round two of Field-Trip-Fridays was another exhausting one….
Early breakfast and bus call before making our way to Glanum to explore the ancient mausoleum, triumphal arch, and ruins, as well as the mental institute that Van Gogh stayed in after cutting off his ear. We then hopped back on the bus to St. Remy where we wandered around the quaint little town, grabbed some snacks 

(sidenote: we wandered past a restaurant with delicious looking desserts in the window and decided to stop in for a coffee and some treats on the back patio. Apparently there wasn’t enough room for us outside, so they sat us inside, where we soon realized that this restaurant was a little bit more high class than we originally anticipated. The waiter came by with menus and we tried to figure out if we were going to stay and let this play out, or make a run for it. Before anyone made a decision, the waiter came back and began speaking very quickly in french. Because I happen to be the only one who knows even a smidge of french in our group of five, everyone turned to look at me. Panicking and unsure, I tried to form some sort of french sentence that came out something like “un moment, plus temps s’il vous plait”… which apparently sounded something on the menu because the waiter replied “d’accord” and began writing on his notepad… After that we gave up on french, told him we needed a minute, had a minor freak out, and just decided to get up and leave, filing past him each muttering some form of “desole” or “I’m sorry” before walking as far away as possible. Needless to say, we won’t be trying that again any time soon…)

took lots of pictures, and eventually made our way to the Musée des Alpilles to meet up with the rest of the group and look through the museum. (We had little preface of what we would be seeing in this museum and because all of the signs are in french and don’t have much vocabulary I’m familiar with, it was a little confusing, and we spent most of the time admiring the beautiful light on the balconies). Eventually, Professor Kofke (the printmaking professor) made his way into the part of the museum where they had old printmaking and letter press equipment and shared several interesting facts with a few of us (including where the words “deadline”, “leading” (in type), “stereotype/cliché”, and “uppercase” came from.) After we left the museum, we had another two hours to explore before we had to leave. Despite the fact that our feet/shoulders/backs were tired, we decided to find our way to the fancy chocolatier that one of the professors recommended, and because we didn’t quite know our way around St. Remy yet, Rachael plugged the name into google maps, and it gave us some directions… We soon found ourselves behind the town cemetery, a few blocks away from the “town center” part of town, and questioning how people ever found this place. Turns out google maps had taken us to the distribution building of Joël Durand…. I thought it was hilarious, everyone else seemed to be a little to tired and frustrated to find the humor in the situation.
We trudged back into St. Remy, found that we had already walked past the chocolatier once before, and after looking around the tiny shop, ended up leaving without even buying anything. After that we still had 45 minutes before we had to report back, so we wandered around the city a little more, found a professor, helped him find his way to the van, bought some macaroons, and then headed back to Lacoste.

By the time we got back after stopping at the super market, I was exhausted and desperately wanted to shower. I forced myself to eat some dinner, and crawled my way up the hill to shower and lay down. The rest of the night was spent watching HP4, editing photos, taking pottermore quizzes, and relaxing.
Tomorrow is a full work day, so my feet will get another day of rest… But until then, it’s time for some sleep.

Bonne nuit!

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