September 6, 2016

haaaaaha… so it’s been a while.

Between packing up my entire apartment by myself, finals, visiting my girlfriend, then my grandparents, and driving back to chicago… the past two weeks have been a little hectic. But today I got to go out and take pictures that reminded me that my style has (basically) not changed at all in four years…….. awesome.

So I’m back in Geneva, IL for another week and a half before I head to Lacoste, France, and it’s a little lonely here. While everyone is back in school, I find that there isn’t much to do here in this awkward limbo… I’m still no where near ready to leave for France (heck it still doesn’t really even feel real), but being home doesn’t really feel like home anymore… 

This time is making me realize how things are never really going to be the same again. My sister is on to her big girl job and I will only ever really see her when she can get vacation time or when I can go to visit her… This is more heartbreaking then when she left for college. Because then, I knew we would spend breaks together, we would have the entire summer to share a bathroom and argue over who stole whose clothes… But not anymore. I’m going into my junior year of college, next summer I will (hopefully) have an internship and I won’t return home and most likely won’t see any of my friends… And then it will be senior year. (panic)

Time is passing very quickly and I haven’t decided how I feel about it yet.

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