The Last 6 Months…

So I have officially finished my third year at SCAD… The next step is Senior Year and I can’t believe I’m already staring at my final year of school. The past few months of classes have been a whirlwind, and while I haven’t taken as many photos as I would like, I’ve done a lot of personal learning and growing, and I think that’s exactly what I needed. Shooting some personal work (not for class) has been a relief and a nice step away from the critiques. It has allowed me to explore what exactly my “aesthetic” or “style” is and have fun without overthinking things. 

Meanwhile, I’ve been in the process of moving on to the next step in-between school years. Every summer I can feel myself becoming more and more independent and this time I won’t be returning home at all. I’m packing up all of my belongings  and driving up to Charleston for a 3 month internship with Charleston Magazine. I’ll be living with my girlfriend, (potentially) taking pictures that will be published in a magazine (or two..!), and getting a part time job. It’s going to be an adjustment, but I hope that it will allow me to experience a little bit of what I do or do not want to do after graduation and give me a better idea of where I’m going with my life…! 

I’m ready for some change, a challenge, and something that’s going to push me out of my comfort zone a little bit. I’m excited for the second half of 2017 and all of the excitement that is to come.

Wish me luck! And Enjoy some of the miscellaneous work I’ve done between now and January!

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