Welcome to 2018 … a month late

Alright, alright, you can say it… I’m terrible at keeping up with this blog.
But yahno, when you have like seven different social media’s to keep up with (on top of real life), the blog no one actually reads really takes a back seat.
Either way, I’m here now, and I’m ready to fill you (the person who, for whatever reason, finds my life to be in some way entertaining or important) in on the life going’s on of me.

So 2017 ended. But not before a thrilling trip to NYC to visit my fabulous cousin Russell (& meet his equally fabulous boyfriend Matt, both pictured below) and chit chat with some wonderful scad grad photogs to try and figure out how I’m going to make the whole post-grad situation work.

I had a marvelous time galloping around the city, daydreaming about my potential future in the magical boroughs that make up New York City. 

Eventually, it was time to return home, where I got to see plenty of snow, spend time with my family, and celebrate a wonderful Christmas.

Soon enough, it was the new year, and I was headed back to sav to finish out the last five months of senior year. I ended 2017 with a terrible cough, and to this day (a month and a half later), I’m still sick. I’ve made jokes about how this quarter will go down in history as “The Quarter I Was Sick”, but tbh, it’s really starting to look like thats going to be the case. (Incase you were wondering, I finally did go to the doctor, and they so kindly informed me that all of my symptoms point to “allergies” or “asthma”, both diagnoses I refuse to believe, and have fully retreated to my I-Will-Get-Better-Eventually-Without-The-Help-Of-Modern-Medicine mentality… It’s going really well… obviously)

I’m currently enrolled in a Business Entrepreneurship class that dominants most of my schedule, a Photo History class that almost seems like a joke at this point in my education, and my Senior Portfolio class. For my senior project I decided to test my limits a bit and shoot nudes – self portrait nudes. Now, this has been quite the exploration so far, and I won’t say I wasn’t nervous on the day of the first critique, however, I have become so much more comfortable with the entire situation… So much so that I actually hung prints (of my own naked self) on my wall in my room. 

Who am I

While I have obviously become frighteningly okay with this concept, I’m still not sure it’s a good idea to share these photos digitally, so, they will not be posted right now….. but I did get new glasses and took some nice selfies that you can see !

I’m planning on writing more photo-based posts from the past month or so, and hopefully doing a better job keeping up with this blog in the upcoming months (lol let’s be real, it’s not gonna happen). Until then, I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief update and my hilariously unprofessional writing style !!

Happy 2018 y’all

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