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Milk Makeup Mock Ad Shoot

I had the pleasure of teaming up with Nikita Jansen again to shoot a mock ad for Milk Makeup.

We had a black shooting some beauty looks and Nikita even directed the shoot from behind and in front of the camera:

Models: Nikita Janse, Nikki Kurtz, & Nikki Wu

Fashion Senior Collection Collaborations

In my promise to myself at the beginning of my final quarter of school, I said I would try to collaborate as much as possible.

So when it came time for crunch week for fashion designers, I worked alongside some seriously talented people to photograph their fashion senior collections.

First up was the bad ass designs of Catalina Robles for San Martin:

Models:  Nicole Agner, Bella Guinness, Celeste Miller

Art Director: Andrea Di Lello


Next up was a feminine body of work designed by Megan Flynn:

Model: Gabrielle Malate


Followed by the much less saturated and futuristic fashion designs of Alexandra Diaz (and accessories by Sarah Swanson):

Models: Madeline Brister & Haley Nottage


And finally the exquisite and extremely detailed work of Vashti Bester:

Models: Kallie McShane, Nathalie Gratas, Alexandria Jones, & Carla Gonzalez 

With other projects going on on the side, and the quick turn around time that was needed for almost all of these shoots, it was a crazy few weeks, but so so rewarding.

It was a pleasure working with these designers and seeing that amazing work that is created by some of the other artists here at SCAD.

Collaboration Nation

Had the opportunity to collaborate with a bunch of creatives recently on an amazing fashion project – I’m super excited about the images we created and to see this project progress!

Art Director: Alice Aguiar 

Models: Amy Bushman & Nikita Jansen

DP: Daniella Fernandez

Stylist: Austin Avery Blunt

Makeup: Cassidy Clark

With Help from: Saba Younis and Lei White

In collaboration with: Luisa Aguiar

Darling Magazine - Mock Editorial

One of my favorite parts about going to art school is being able to collaborate with all different majors.

Recently, I was able to team up with a friend of mine who is a fashion marketing major and a fellow photographer who modeled for a mock editorial for Darling Magazine.  

Their brand is so beautiful and they have a wonderful emphasis on natural photos and no retouching, which is both beautiful and make makes my job even easier ;)

Art Director: Sarah Therrien

Model: Sam Triolo

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