1. 2020

    2020-01-01 22:05:17 UTC
    New year, another new years blog post… I realized when I opened this page to start writing, that I only wrote three posts last year, one of which was never shared. This is connected to the fact that shoots were few and far between, especially compared to 2018, and when…

  2. Late Night Reflection

    2019-07-13 06:30:10 UTC
    I've always been quiet and soft … outwardly anyways. I didn't often voice my thoughts or opinions, I apologized for things I didn't need to, I tried not to take up too much space, and I thought so much about what would make other people happy, or like me more,…

  3. Another Look Back

    2019-02-24 22:07:44 UTC
    I realized today that it has been one year since my final shoot for my senior project (Porcelain). I thought, when I began this project in January of 2018, that I knew what it was about; I thought that I knew what I wanted it to be and where I…

  4. 2019

    2019-01-04 00:47:21 UTC
    So this year felt more like 3 years… and somehow it still doesn’t feel like it ended ?I don’t know what else to say to introduce this so I’m just gonna count us off here 5.. 6.. 7.. 8  2018 RECAPIn January I went back to school for the last…

  5. How is it already December??

    2018-12-02 18:18:03 UTC
    It’s been another two months since I’ve written a blog post, so I figured it’s about time for a little update I have since had another two rolls of film processed (photo-taking has slowed dramatically with the few hours of daylight and new hobby of long distance running – but…

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