1. 2021

    2022-01-04 19:51:06 UTC
    Well here we are again…Every year the time seems to pass faster and slower somehow, and I look back and realize the growth and change and beauty despite feeling so stagnant and bored and confused and frustrated and lost for most of the year This year started out slow —…

  2. revisiting

    2021-11-24 01:50:37 UTC
    after spending most of the day in bed, only managing to accomplish an afternoon run and a shower, I finally sat down to my computer around 5:00 to do some work I sent out a few invoices, processed photos from a weekend shoot, and sent a few emails. I was…

  3. 2020 recap

    2021-01-19 20:30:40 UTC
    Well January is already almost over, and here I am finally writing the annual year recap blog post that no one reads This public journal is necessary for my future self to gauge how far she’s (hopefully) come so … here goes. 2020 was … strange to say the least.I…

  4. back in nyc

    2020-09-04 16:39:26 UTC
    hi hello here I am writing another blog post for no one to read This week is my first full week back in nyc since leaving in April, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I was gone for 5 months. Everything is different,…

  5. Isolation Self Portraiture

    2020-07-11 21:28:10 UTC
    Portrait photographers have all had to find a new way of working in the time of social distancing/ isolation/quarantine. Some have taken to “facetime photoshoots”, or socially distanced outdoor shoots, but I have taken it back to my roots of self portraiture. When I first started taking photos, I worked…

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