1. Just Another NDE w/ Zach

    2018-02-10 03:05:48 UTC
    Photo adventures with Zach are 15% driving around asking each other where we’re going, 25% traipsing through plants, 40% taking photos, and 20% me telling Zach not to die… Always a good time though.

  2. Cry Baby

    2018-02-10 02:57:02 UTC
    It had been a minute since Gracie had been in front of my lens…So we had a spontaneous meet up to shoot behind the building I live in. As usual it was a blast – photographing this girl is always an adventure

  3. Vicious Committee

    2018-02-10 02:46:43 UTC
    I had the pleasure of teaming up with The Vicious Committee’s lead man Terrance Boston to collab and shoot some dope content. Check out for more info and to listen to some of the music these artists have put out!

  4. Borders Round II

    2018-02-10 02:28:01 UTC
    While I was in NYC I shot more random photos to continue my sporadic “Borders” series Here are a few of my favorites:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  that’s all !

  5. Welcome to 2018 … a month late

    2018-02-10 02:13:05 UTC
    Alright, alright, you can say it… I’m terrible at keeping up with this blog.But yahno, when you have like seven different social media’s to keep up with (on top of real life), the blog no one actually reads really takes a back seat.Either way, I’m here now, and…

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