1. Anxious & Impatient

    2018-10-03 02:38:55 UTC
    (image inspired by Ben Howard’s new singles, my old photo style, and anxiety — and a special shout out to Megan Zacher for fielding my endless stream of texts and talking me through all my irrational thoughts. Big sisters rock) Prepare for more over-dramatic, poorly written, stream of consciousness !!…

  2. Two Years Later

    2018-07-21 22:00:40 UTC
    I woke up this morning and immediately felt like shooting … So I rolled out of bed, picked up my camera, and started shooting (using my suitcase as a tripod, with a shoe holding the lens in place… really DIY here since I didn’t have room/enough weight to pack my…

  3. Post-Grad Update

    2018-06-28 21:11:13 UTC
    Alright y’all … she’s back It’s been a minute since I’ve actually written an update on this here “blog”. Especially since the last time I posted an update I was harassed about my writing style… but I’m not about to give up that easily ! So here I go, writing…

  4. Milk Makeup Mock Ad Shoot

    2018-05-29 05:36:43 UTC
    I had the pleasure of teaming up with Nikita Jansen again to shoot a mock ad for Milk Makeup. We had a black shooting some beauty looks and Nikita even directed the shoot from behind and in front of the camera: Models: Nikita Janse, Nikki Kurtz, & Nikki Wu

  5. Fashion Senior Collection Collaborations

    2018-05-29 05:30:34 UTC
    In my promise to myself at the beginning of my final quarter of school, I said I would try to collaborate as much as possible So when it came time for crunch week for fashion designers, I worked alongside some seriously talented people to photograph their fashion senior collections. First…

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