Darling Magazine - Mock Editorial

One of my favorite parts about going to art school is being able to collaborate with all different majors.

Recently, I was able to team up with a friend of mine who is a fashion marketing major and a fellow photographer who modeled for a mock editorial for Darling Magazine.  

Their brand is so beautiful and they have a wonderful emphasis on natural photos and no retouching, which is both beautiful and make makes my job even easier ;)

Art Director: Sarah Therrien

Model: Sam Triolo

Megan Flynn Fashion Shoot

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with a fashion designer here at SCAD, Megan Flynn, and the fiercest model, Elinor Hilton.

Here are some of my favorite shots from that day:

Fashion Design: Megan Flynn

Model: Elinor Hilton

Angsty Skate Shots

What better to do on a Saturday night at 10pm than to wander around a parking garage with a skateboard and a camera…

Just another photo adventure with Zach – let the teen-angst commence…

NYC Film 4evr

Upon returning from NYC for spring break, I finally had access to free film processing through school; however, I had to wait 2 weeks.

When the day finally came that I could pick up the processed film, I went straight from class and sat in the scanning lab for five hours, scanning the six rolls of film I had shot in New York.

Something about color film is so special to me, I couldn’t help but smile looking through these photos and all the wonderful memories… enjoy :)

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