1. NYC Film 4evr

    2018-04-12 17:13:21 UTC
    Upon returning from NYC for spring break, I finally had access to free film processing through school; however, I had to wait 2 weeks When the day finally came that I could pick up the processed film, I went straight from class and sat in the scanning lab for five…

  2. Sunrise

    2018-03-14 17:11:30 UTC
    Zach and I woke up at 4:30 in the morning to go splash around in the chilly ocean… 

  3. Apologetic

    2018-03-14 17:06:25 UTC
    Sometimes you just need to create work that helps you understand and communicate how your feeling – It’s so wonderful that Gracie and I can communicate these things without words.

  4. Lavish

    2018-03-14 16:53:44 UTC
    Grace and I roamed the streets of Savannah on a sunny Thursday afternoon…

  5. Just Another NDE w/ Zach

    2018-02-10 03:05:48 UTC
    Photo adventures with Zach are 15% driving around asking each other where we’re going, 25% traipsing through plants, 40% taking photos, and 20% me telling Zach not to die… Always a good time though.

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