1. Emily + Dan

    2023-07-10 20:49:55 UTC
    When your childhood best friend asks you to shoot her wedding, you don’t say no. Emily and Dan met at school in Arizona and have since moved back to Emily’s hometown of Geneva, IL, bought a home, and got a puppy. I shot their engagement photos in December of 2021…

  2. 2022

    2023-01-02 17:11:00 UTC
    This year was a time of hard, ugly change. The kind of change that doesn’t lead to an exciting list of accomplishments on new year’s eve, or any sort of physical evidence for that matter.The kind of change that is born out of necessity, and desperation, and doubt.But I truly…

  3. interstice

    2022-05-11 17:47:00 UTC
    I have a hard time with the in between, the in progress, the becoming — it never seems worth documenting, commenting on, acknowledging. Despite “enjoy the journey not the destination” rhetoric, the journey isn’t always pretty (most often it’s not), and it usually requires a lot of patience, something I’ve…

  4. 2021

    2022-01-04 19:51:06 UTC
    Well here we are again…Every year the time seems to pass faster and slower somehow, and I look back and realize the growth and change and beauty despite feeling so stagnant and bored and confused and frustrated and lost for most of the year This year started out slow —…

  5. revisiting

    2021-11-24 01:50:37 UTC
    after spending most of the day in bed, only managing to accomplish an afternoon run and a shower, I finally sat down to my computer around 5:00 to do some work I sent out a few invoices, processed photos from a weekend shoot, and sent a few emails. I was…

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